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The fact that I'm old enough to remember all of the actors he talks about and have seen a lot of the movies (though on tv when I was a kid) aside, I am finding the book entertaining. He had a very conversational style in the book. So it's quick and easy to read.

Plus, he was such a positive guy. He clearly loved his life, even though there were times that were tough. His joy comes right through.

It's a delight.

I did get JoAnn's novella submitted. I wrote the synopsis and the query. She doesn't have e-mail, so I used mine, but everything else (address, name, phone number) is hers. So now we see what happens.

Now it's Monday. (sigh) I've got quarterly invoicing to do, which is always a bear. I've gotten one invoice done, but there's still three left to complete. What makes these hard is all the information that has to be put together. By the time I finish all the copying of documents they require, the invoices are 60+ pages. Sometimes more.

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