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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 08:54am on 15/07/2017
Even the insurance companies themselves say that the Cruz amendment to Trumpcare is unworkable. Yet the Republicans are looking to pass a health care plan with it in it. We know they are evil. We know they don't listen. We know it's really all about erasing Obama's achievements and giving a tax break to their rich buddies - but the insurance companies ARE their rich buddies and they're saying no to this. Get a clue, assholes.

In other news....

Pat and I took the Subaru in yesterday to see if we had a tire problem. Yes, we did. So we now have four brand new tires and the car was aligned as well. Nice.

The tires lasted six years and over 60,000 miles, so we are not complaining. Yes, the expense is not something we really needed right now, but thems the breaks.

Pat and I came home and took a two and a half hour nap. It was lovely.

Today the cycling club is having a Bastille Day picnic. (Yes, they know it was yesterday, but since it was a work day here in the USA, they set it for today.) So Pat's off to ride and then picnic with the club.

I meanwhile will be trying to finish up the edit on JoAnn's manuscript and get it submitted this weekend.

I hope.


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