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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 08:16am on 09/07/2017

In other news, I did have a nice lazy day yesterday. I took a nap in the afternoon, despite having gotten up late in the morning.

I read. I diddled with the internet.

Pat made pizza last night and we watched some baseball.

Yes, we have found ourselves watching baseball. What has the world come to? Pat's friend Steve listens to baseball on the radio when he drives, and Pat kind of got into the game when they were together. So he suggested one evening we watch a game.

We follow no particular team. We simply turn it on and watch whatever game is on. We mostly critique the coverage. Pat likes it when they show the strike zone box and indicate where each pitch went.

I get amused by all the crotch grabbing. You don't see that in hockey, but I imagine the big thick gloves have something to do with that.

Pat is off doing a metric century. I'm doing laundry. When he gets home, we will nap.


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