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I got the hip beaten upon and then had a really nice lunch with Patti. We yakked a lot and it was good.

We were both starving so we ate everything we were served. It was good.

I hit the grocery and bought the basics we needed. Then I came home before it rained! YAY!

Once the groceries were put away, Pat and I laid down and I slept for a little over two hours. It was excellent.

Last night there was no Tour de France coverage for us because of NASCAR. (sigh) Sometimes I despair.

So this morning when we got up we watched the Tour coverage live, which we really enjoyed. (Yes, there is more NASCAR tonight.)

Yesterday I also finished the latest Aaronovich book in the Rivers of London series, THE FURTHEST STATION. It was really good. I love that series.

Today I will work on JoAnn's novella and see if I can get the manuscript ready to be submitted to the e-publisher. I'll have to write the Query letter and synopsis tomorrow. I'm setting my goals to be reachable today.

Right now there is a horrendous thunderstorm coming in. I may end up not working for a bit and reading instead. We shall see....


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