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I'm feeling very hermit-like.

But I have to go get my hip beaten upon.

Then I have lunch with Patti, which I always love. So I know I'll enjoy it. I'm just not wanting to get dressed to do it.

Then I must buy groceries because there are no popsicles. GASP!

The accountant never called me so the books are still not closed for May and June. I'm seriously not giving a shit. I did the work. She never got back to me. Fuck it.

Pat and I have set a weekend to go visit my brother and his wife. We gave them a choice of three weekends in August. About two seconds later they texted back with their choice. Huh. Well, I'm glad it's going to work out.

Plus I had some points with a rewards program that I used to drop the cost of the hotel by $100. (The points were earned from the LAST trip to see them.)

I guess I will go shower and actually get presentable.

I think it's the getting up at 5:45 that is making me anti-social today.


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