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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:27am on 06/07/2017
Man, I'm tired.

Yesterday I started getting calls at 7:30 from work about problems. By the time I got to the office things were in an uproar in Medical. They were having computer problems, and instead of calling the IT guy, they called me and another employee - neither of us being in the office at the moment.

We both told them to call the IT guy, and they did not. They waited for us to arrive at the office and we ended up talking to the IT guy. WTF?!

They also wanted me to "pick up a drum" for the copier on the way in to work. (sigh) I told them to call the copier company because that was not something I could do.

When I got there an hour later, they had not called. They did AFTER I got there, and then complained all day about their copier being down.

Then there were well problems. (sigh)

I spent the first half of the day completing transferring information from one program to the other, and then did the deposit so I could close out the month. Then realized I didn't know how to close out the month. (sigh)

Called the accountant for help and she was out. So hopefully I'll hear from her today so I can finish what I started yesterday.

The other employee and I got together in the afternoon and commiserated about how we wanted to beat the shit out of everyone we work with. It helped.

And this morning I get up to find I've been billed a second time for a prescription I got last month. (sigh)



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