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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:14am on 05/07/2017
I have to finish the transfer of all accounting information into Quickbooks, then close the month. That alone is going to eat up most of the next two days. Add to that the fact that I was up at 5:15 this morning, and yes, I'm a little cranky.


Plus I got scammed. (sigh) There was an offer for some very low cost sample of a skin care cream that I was interested in. I ordered the samples and today got hit with a charge of nearly $200. Turns out they enrolled me "automatically" in their subscription service, and there's no way to get out of the charges for the first shipment. I'm furious. There was nothing anywhere that I read that said anything about a subscription service. I'm sure it's in the small print somewhere. So I called them and cancelled and was very rude about it.

I despise deceptive advertising, and I haven't ever been caught by it before. So I'm particularly furious.


In other news, well, I did get the latest Ben Aaronovich Rivers of London book on my Kindle. It was $4.99. Well worth it. Perhaps it will keep me happy enough to not go on a killing rampage this week.

And in the Tour de France, Peter Sagan is disqualified and Mark Cavindish is out of the race with an injury that came from the incident that disqualified Sagan. Lots of controversy about it all.


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