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And that's my statement for the day. Happy 4th of July.

Yesterday I did go climbing. I climbed for three hours. I have no idea how many routes I sent. When I first got there I worked a project route (for me) for about 30 minutes. Then the gym started filling up, so I went to just climbing things for fun.

I would stop periodically to get something to drink or eat, or maybe watch someone climbing one of the more difficult routes (there was one guy who stemmed a route with his entire body - he was completely parallel to the floor!) and then I would climb some more. I found a new route I could do and climbed it two or three times.

Generally I just had a blast. I did tear a flapper on the upper meaty part of my left hand, but it wasn't bad. I had taped the hell out of my fingers, so they all survived nicely.

I came home with hands red with friction burns and toes sore from being in climbing shoes for three hours, but really, really pleasantly exhausted and happy.

Today we're taking it easy. Pat decided not to ride with his usual group. He will maybe go ride this afternoon by himself on the rail trail. We'll see.

We're still watching the Tour de France. They had a sunny day yesterday, so only one small crash in the peleton when two bikes touched tires. No one seriously hurt, which is good.


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