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I'm taking Monday off, since both clinics will be closed, and the 4th of July (holiday) is Tuesday. So I think it would be a perfect day to go climb in Jacksonville.

I can just tape the fingers that are still healing and climb my troubles away.

Which would be good, because Wednesday and Thursday are going to SSSSSUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK.

I will have to finish transferring all the information from the old accounting program into the new accounting program and then close the month of June. It will probably take both days. Seriously. UGH.

Yesterday I saw the surgeon who did my sinus. He says it is completely healed! He was amazed and said it was ahead of schedule! So that's very good. He was also very pleased that I'm not having stormfront headaches.

However, being scoped did trigger a small headache. Scoping just hurts.

I have had a scratchy throat since the surgery, and he said that my voice box is very irritated and he thinks it may be that I had a bad reflux response during surgery and that it's not really healing. So he wants me to take my reflux med every day for the next couple of weeks to see if that helps. So I'll do that.

He showed up photos of his new son. He is a very cute baby.

I have two days this five day week that Pat doesn't ride. Today is one of them. The other is Monday, which, as I said, I think I should use to go climbing. Hmmm....


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