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The fact that I'm old enough to remember all of the actors he talks about and have seen a lot of the movies (though on tv when I was a kid) aside, I am finding the book entertaining. He had a very conversational style in the book. So it's quick and easy to read.

Plus, he was such a positive guy. He clearly loved his life, even though there were times that were tough. His joy comes right through.

It's a delight.

I did get JoAnn's novella submitted. I wrote the synopsis and the query. She doesn't have e-mail, so I used mine, but everything else (address, name, phone number) is hers. So now we see what happens.

Now it's Monday. (sigh) I've got quarterly invoicing to do, which is always a bear. I've gotten one invoice done, but there's still three left to complete. What makes these hard is all the information that has to be put together. By the time I finish all the copying of documents they require, the invoices are 60+ pages. Sometimes more.

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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 12:52pm on 16/07/2017
I woke up around 9:10. Pat wanted to sleep more, so I read while he slept. We both got up around 10:30.

Since then I have noodled around the internet. I have posted to Facebook (all three pages), posted to Twitter (it's my week to do the women playwrights' notices), and just generally farted around.

I do need to do the synopsis and query letter and submission of JoAnn's manuscript today, but at least I've taken it slow this morning. Much better than my 5:45 wake-up call of yesterday.

Tomorrow it will be back to work, but until then, my time is my own - sort of.
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 08:54am on 15/07/2017
Even the insurance companies themselves say that the Cruz amendment to Trumpcare is unworkable. Yet the Republicans are looking to pass a health care plan with it in it. We know they are evil. We know they don't listen. We know it's really all about erasing Obama's achievements and giving a tax break to their rich buddies - but the insurance companies ARE their rich buddies and they're saying no to this. Get a clue, assholes.

In other news....

Pat and I took the Subaru in yesterday to see if we had a tire problem. Yes, we did. So we now have four brand new tires and the car was aligned as well. Nice.

The tires lasted six years and over 60,000 miles, so we are not complaining. Yes, the expense is not something we really needed right now, but thems the breaks.

Pat and I came home and took a two and a half hour nap. It was lovely.

Today the cycling club is having a Bastille Day picnic. (Yes, they know it was yesterday, but since it was a work day here in the USA, they set it for today.) So Pat's off to ride and then picnic with the club.

I meanwhile will be trying to finish up the edit on JoAnn's manuscript and get it submitted this weekend.

I hope.
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:36am on 14/07/2017
"Your current success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance."

All I gotta say is why is never anything easy for me?

Yes, that's today's horoscope. And I'm really tired of being the one who always has to work harder.

Yeah, I'm a little cranky. I was up at 5:45.

But at the office, the list of things I'm responsible for gets longer every day. I think I'm mentally exhausted by that. I'm asked to "ensure" others get their job done, and I don't have time to do my job - much less monitor other people doing theirs.

I got the change-over to the new accounting program done, and that just made the other things I'm responsible for pile up. So I'm behind, as always. (sigh)

Plus there's my writing, which I can't seem to get done. I think part of it is that I'm a little depressed. Writing is what I want, but my energy is being depleted by work. I deliberately took a job that was only four days a week so that I would have time to decompress and write, but it's not happening.

Part of that is that I have been involved in helping other people - the obligations that I find myself caught up in - and part of it is the struggle to find balance between work, doing things that feed my heart (climbing, reading, working with my plants, writing).

Everything has been out of balance for over two years now. (sigh)

I will get it back. I just wish that everything in my life didn't have to be such a fucking struggle.
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That is the last line of my horoscope for today. Hmmmm....

This week has seemed really busy and I'm finally at my Friday. So I'm encouraged. If I can survive today, I can spend the weekend.... working on my friend's manuscript and getting it submitted.


This is my life. One of seemingly endless obligations and guilt over the obligations I refuse to take on.

I'm working on the guilt part. I am at least refusing to take on some projects friends have.

So that light at the end of the tunnel may be the glow of self-protection. (grin)
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:34am on 12/07/2017
I'm not sure why, but I'm exhausted this morning. I know I worked out last night, but I didn't work out that hard. Just maintenance stuff.

Payroll went pretty well. I did end up voiding some checks because they showed up for printing and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of them. Fortunately Paayal was able to tell me what I'd done wrong, so I won't do it next time.

But otherwise it went very smoothly.

There seems to be a never-ending list of things that I haven't gotten to, yet.

We watched the Tour de France last night. There are some weird things going on with the infractions and punishments this year. One big name gets tossed, and then another rider does something worse and gets a one minute penalty. (He punched another rider and then deliberately cut him off, which endangered a whole group of riders.) It's crazy-making.

Chris Froome is still in the yellow jersey, though.
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:20am on 11/07/2017
Yep. The first payroll with the new accounting program. Fortunately, yesterday the dentist at work walked me through the program. She does payroll for her husband's dental practice and uses the same program I'm now using. She made it look easy, and I am eternally grateful to her for that.

So I was able to test it out and do a bit of work on today's payroll in it. YAY! I think it should go pretty smoothly. We'll see....

I am going to plan to go work out after work. I also need to call the boxing coach. I'm behind on getting that done and I do want to start soon. Just have to figure out when I can have my regular day with him. (I can only afford one day a week.)

I'm enjoying CROSS AND BURN, a Val McDermid book. I have realized that I really like police procedurals. I like the straight-forward language and style of them.

I like things with a point. I like good guys punishing bad guys.

I do not like endless passages of beautiful language that have me rolling my eyes and saying, "Is there a fucking point? If so, GET TO IT!"

Pat and I talked about it this weekend. This is probably why I love sports writing and science writing as well.

I also really enjoy puzzles, which is why mysteries appeal to me.

I am a simple creature. (grin)
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That'll be a first.

Laundry got done. Pat got home safely.

Nap ensued.

Remembered I had a Tony Hill book on my Kindle and started reading it. It turns out to be the one right before the last book I read. Interesting, but glad to read with the knowledge that things don't remain as horrible between Tony and Carol as they are in this book.

Watched the Tour de France coverage and was horrified by the accident Richie Porte. There was also one with Garaint Thomas. Thomas is out with a broken collar bone and Porte out with a fractured pelvis.

Lots of criticism coming now about the route of this year's tour because of the number of injuries.

I'm off to work and hopeful that the superhero powers do kick in.
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 08:16am on 09/07/2017

In other news, I did have a nice lazy day yesterday. I took a nap in the afternoon, despite having gotten up late in the morning.

I read. I diddled with the internet.

Pat made pizza last night and we watched some baseball.

Yes, we have found ourselves watching baseball. What has the world come to? Pat's friend Steve listens to baseball on the radio when he drives, and Pat kind of got into the game when they were together. So he suggested one evening we watch a game.

We follow no particular team. We simply turn it on and watch whatever game is on. We mostly critique the coverage. Pat likes it when they show the strike zone box and indicate where each pitch went.

I get amused by all the crotch grabbing. You don't see that in hockey, but I imagine the big thick gloves have something to do with that.

Pat is off doing a metric century. I'm doing laundry. When he gets home, we will nap.
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I got the hip beaten upon and then had a really nice lunch with Patti. We yakked a lot and it was good.

We were both starving so we ate everything we were served. It was good.

I hit the grocery and bought the basics we needed. Then I came home before it rained! YAY!

Once the groceries were put away, Pat and I laid down and I slept for a little over two hours. It was excellent.

Last night there was no Tour de France coverage for us because of NASCAR. (sigh) Sometimes I despair.

So this morning when we got up we watched the Tour coverage live, which we really enjoyed. (Yes, there is more NASCAR tonight.)

Yesterday I also finished the latest Aaronovich book in the Rivers of London series, THE FURTHEST STATION. It was really good. I love that series.

Today I will work on JoAnn's novella and see if I can get the manuscript ready to be submitted to the e-publisher. I'll have to write the Query letter and synopsis tomorrow. I'm setting my goals to be reachable today.

Right now there is a horrendous thunderstorm coming in. I may end up not working for a bit and reading instead. We shall see....


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