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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:14am on 23/08/2017
Man, I came home beat. And I don't mean in the way that anyone hit me. I was so tired I just wanted to go to sleep.

I worked both the speed bag and the heavy bag. The speed bag is just laughable. I'd hit it hard a couple of times and then miss it completely. Once again my sense of rhythm fails me miserably.

The heavy bag was better, though my left jab is not as strong as I'd like it to be. I could rattle the bag pretty good with my right hand, but my left hand barely moved it.

In other news, it's Wednesday. I may, yet, survive the week.
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:08am on 22/08/2017
EGADS. Talking about your baptism by fire. Going back to work on a payroll day is definitely that.

This afternoon I have boxing lessons. I will return home exhausted, sweaty, and feeling stronger. This is a good thing.

I am going to continue the boxing lessons. I'm signing up for six more. I can only afford six at a time. It makes the budget tight, but it's SO good for me physically and mentally. And without a rock gym in town, I do actually need the outlet.

This is going to be a busy week. This weekend is the staged reading of my play, too! So by the time Sunday comes, I will be ready to curl up in a fetal position and sleep. And unfortunately I won't be able to do that because it's laundry weekend.

Yes, yes. This is my life. (grin)
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 05:12pm on 21/08/2017
We drove to South Florida to see my brother and his wife. We saw my mother for about 2 minutes, which was sufficient.

We enjoyed the trip, and took many, many naps in the hotel. We ate really lovely meals that my brother cooked, and one night had extremely good sushi and sashimi.

We did not see any of the eclipse because we were under heavy cloud cover during it. We stopped in Orlando at a bike shop so Pat could buy a gift for a friend. We realized that the cloud cover was so heavy we would not be able to see the eclipse. It got darker, but that was it.

Just glad we didn't invest in glasses for it. (grin)
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 10:02am on 20/08/2017
Pat and I so rarely do this, but we've been napping, eating and then napping again.

Though we did end up seeing a Jim Gaffigan comedy special on tv yesterday with friends. I have to say, it was very funny and well worth the hour we spent watching.

This morning we have once again had a nice breakfast and Pat is already back in bed. Thus I think I must join him. I'm sure the cocoon of warmth he is creating will be most comfortable.

And the weather outside is stormy and looking horrible, so it's a good day to nap.
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 10:41am on 19/08/2017
It involves lots of sleeping late, eating good food, having fun conversations and napping.

I think we both need it.

In other news, my right knee seems to be complaining a lot. I think perhaps it doesn't like jumping rope. Or something. I am working on getting it to shut the fuck up.

My only big plans for the weekend are trying to learn to tape my own hands for boxing. I have new tapes and I am going to practice. We shall see how it goes. If you don't hear from me tomorrow it's because I managed to tape my hands SO well I can't get out of the tape.
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 08:44am on 18/08/2017
And I really like that. I come home sweat-soaked and exhausted. I'm sore in places I didn't know I had. But I'm getting to the point that I can throw a punch. DAMN, that feels good.

One teeny-tiny problem. Jumping rope. Man, I totally suck at it. Yesterday the coach says it's just a matter of rhythm.


See, I suffer from "serious white person's disease." I have never been able to keep a beat. I don't dance because of this. And I'm not kidding. Pat will tell you that I can't keep a beat to save my life. He has laughed at many times for trying to clap along to music.

So if rhythm is all you need to jump rope, I am in very deep trouble, because I have no rhythm. WOE!

So now my question is, when do I break that news to the coach? (grin)
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:29am on 17/08/2017
I think my desire to learn to throw a punch could not have chosen a more perfect time period to rise up. Just looking at the news confirms that the ability to defend oneself, and perhaps punch a Nazi or two, are not a bad thing.

Work was crazy busy, and continues to be so. ARGH. I have pushed so much paper that my fingers are drying out and peeling. It's disgusting.

In other news, I finished a book called THE PUNCH ESCROW. It's a science fiction novel about teleportation. It is a fantastic book. I highly recommend it, and I need to get an Amazon review written of it.

Now I must find food and drink so that I can be ready to box this afternoon. This is SO exhausting, and yet the good mood it brings lasts well into the next day. (Despite the craziness of my job.)
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:14am on 16/08/2017
It is no sudden surprise that Trump supports white supremacists. His father was one, and so is he. Remember, this is a man who was prosecuted for refusing to rent to African-Americans years ago. This is a man who persistently attacked the first black president. His consistent position has been one of a bigot. His insistence there was "violence on both sides" and his failure to mention the death caused by one of those "peaceful demonstrators" is just another nail in the coffin of the illusion that he is anything but a bigot.

In other news, I have now learned to add a second punch with the right hand to the left jab. And no, there's no reason at all that I would mention this is the same breath as discussing Nazis.

And on that note, I'm going to go find breakfast.
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:13am on 15/08/2017
I went to bed at 9:50 last night. Not bad. I was shooting for 9:30, but didn't quite make it.

Work was busy. Mostly I missed my friend, Paayal, being there. She's the dentist, and we take a few minutes each day to just hang out and talk. She will be out on maternity leave for 12 weeks. (sigh)

I pushed a lot of paper yesterday. That is about 90% of my job.

In other news, Paayal had left me her ice cream stash. I went in after lunch to get one and the dental staff had eaten the entire box of ice cream she'd left me. WTF?! I guess they figured since she was out on maternity leave it was up for grabs.

Our maintenance guy had brought me in a tin of homemade banana bread, which I was going to put in the staff room and share. But since they ate my ice cream, I'm keeping it to myself.

Yes, the petty stuff of working with other people. Never fails to annoy. And the banana bread is excellent.

Pat is riding this morning, but he's still having problems with his neck. This makes me unhappy, but there is no talking him out of it. He "has" to ride. Yeah, right.

I have boxing this afternoon. It is going to be exhausting, and probably cathartic. (grin)
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posted by [personal profile] wpadmirer at 07:11am on 14/08/2017
Which does not bode well for my Monday. Crap.

In other news, laundry is done. Pat did his metric century on his bike.

The Red Sox beat the Yankees in a close game. (YAY!)

Tomorrow is boxing training so I'm thinking I may have to go to bed at a ridiculously early hour in order to not collapse during it.



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